Captain amErika now has a different last name.  She was Captain Erika L. Furlong, USAF.  She is now Captain Erika L. Proctor, USAF.  (If any of you know LtCol John Proctor, USAF, Retired, this is his daughter.  A proud military family, I'm sure.  Of course, the repeated visits by IP64.185.180.245 are by a concerned person.) 

Divorce proceedings began in Texas in May, 2001.  Due to Captain amErika's dithering and indecisive actions, the divorce was eventually granted in February, 2003.  (Her handling of the situation marks her as a suitable candidate for a senior Air Force position.)  

The cause for the divorce was cited as adultery on at least three different occasions with three different people.  (Only three cases were made known to the investigators.  There may be many more.)  The three individuals listed in the divorce complaint were:

Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden, USAF
Director, National Security Agency
9800 Savage Road

Fort Meade, MD  20755

David Gautier
3229 S. Cathay Circle
Aurora, CO  80013

Matthew Standish
4551A Cedar St
Panama City, FL 32404

Captain amErika even admitted the adultery with the first two individuals during a marriage counseling session witnessed by Dr. Deborah 'Hazel' Johnson of Columbia, MD.  The third individual was identified through a supporter at Tyndall AFB, FL.  The supporter sat next to Captain amErika at lunch and lamented about her divorce to all the people at the table.  During her bitching, she said her new 'boyfriend' was thinking about attending the 20th year homecoming for his alma mater, West Virginia University.  (She also said she offered to dress up like a West Virginia chick.  She likes to dress up, see the pics.)  

New Information - May 2005:  The original webmaster was wrong about Standish.  It turns out the West Virginia University Graduate was Jack E. Griffith.  At the divorce trial, Captain amErika's attorney said there had been no adultery.  That was just another lie.  Actually, Captain amErika was having an affair with Jack Griffith as far back as 2001.  He was the driving force that encouraged Captain amErika to abandon her husband.  When Captain amErika was transferred to Florida, the affair continued.  The comment made at lunch shows in early 2002 shows that.  After being fired from the detachment chief billet at Tyndall AFB, she returned to Fort Meade and moved right into his house.  So will the Air Force ignore the lies she told about not committing adultery now?  Will Jack sacrifice his career as a NSA civilian to support her lies?  And, yes, there is a witness that can confirm these circumstances.  What chance does Captain amErika have with promotion since her FOUR-star protector is gone?


The picture at right was sent by an anonymous donor.  (It wasn't her ex.)


Hayden has made noises through an attorney about wanting his name removed from this site - and demanded an apology.  Bullshit.  Let him issue a denial of his involvement first. See for details.

"The American people have to trust us and in order to trust us they have to know us."
 Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden, USAF 
Director, National Security Agency
Address on October 19, 2000

More people are getting to know about Hayden and about Captain amErika every day.  Hayden's empty words show "trust" is just a word found in the dictionary between tits and twat.  In the military context, 'trust' is a metaphysical term and often used like the Air Force "higher standard."  People who have been in the Air Force any length of time know the two concepts have no substance or meaning in the military.  However, there are people who would like to believe truth, fairness, and equality exist for everyone in the Air Force; these are the same people who desperately want to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and George Washington.

The divorce occurred in Austin, Texas.  The only observers in the court room were Ms. Heidi Bryant (Captain amErika's sister) and a reporter from the local Austin news channel - KXAN.  The judge was not thrilled with the case since there were no children and little property to divide.  Mr. De La Rosa argued that fault for the failure of the marriage should be given to Captain amErika because of her adultery and the property divided unequally. 

The female judge said that in cases of this type, fault was rarely assigned.  She also gave a brief recess for the parties to work out a last minute agreement prior to going to trial. 

Since 'fault' would not be assessed, an agreement was made.  There were five primary points:

(1) all debt remained with the person who incurred the debt

(2) Kevin Furlong would receive approximately 23% of Captain amErika's retirement pay (based on the formula in the Former Spouse Protection Act)

(3) Kevin Furlong would also receive 50% of Captain amErika's Involuntary Separation Pay if Captain amErika receives it.

(4) Captain amErika will receive approximate 2.1% of Kevin Furlong's disposable retired pay (based on the formula in the Former Spouse Protection Act).  With offsets, this amounts to $31.50 a month.

The first check sent to Captain amErika was returned.  It was resent with an address correction:

The reason for the return was 'no receptacle.'  Seems you need to be a Lieutenant General before you can use her receptacle.  She makes some exceptions, but didn't for Rhys.  Talk about selfish or just using people; she got a lot of attention from him but he didn't even get a hand-job during the 18 months they dated.  Yes, it's amazing the people that have seen this site.

(5) The explicit pictures of Captain amErika nude, having sex, and performing sodomy, would be removed from the Captain amErika web site.  Kevin Furlong was enjoined from posting them on the internet.  Kevin Furlong also could no longer distribute the video tape of Captain amErika engaging in sexual intercourse and sodomy from the Captain amErika web site.

This is not a surprising result.  The surprise was Captain amErika acting like she still had a career in the Air Force.  She traded away the "involuntary separation pay" as if it didn't matter.  It does matter, especially with disciplinary matters still pending.  (See the IG Investigation page for details.)  It means she could pay out around $26,000 if she is involuntarily separated.  If there is a court martial, the retirement and involuntary separation pay will disappear.  The $26,000 is not too high a price to see the demise of Captain amErika.


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Now the marriage is over, the webmaster has a lot of junk to discard.  A new page will open in a few days (or maybe a week or longer) with Captain amErika personal items for auction.  Items will include original Poloroid photos of Captain amErika, wrist restraints she has worn, an assortment of slightly used marital aids, her commissioning flag from Det 825, her University of Texas blanket/throw rug, and her Bible.  The items may go away, but the pics of these items will stay on the web.

I have had a chance to examine some of the wonderful things Captain amErika left me.  One of the unusual items is a manuscript of a confused high school girl who spent 'affectionate time' with an instructor.  This is probably the beginning of Captain amErika's history with older men.  There is this man (who will remain unnamed until the documents are turned over to the Austin Police), some older (by only a few years) and then some much older lovers like Captain (at the time) Robert Homer Owens of Austin, Texas whom she lived with for more than a year.  During that time she had other lovers (here in the US and in Europe) most notably her German Professor at the University of Texas, Dr. Lefeavre and me.  It makes perfect sense that she sought Daddy DIRNSA for support as another one of her conquests to gain some edge.  (And now Jack Griffith of NSA.)

Capt amErika